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Abigail Beitel, DVM
Abigail Beitel, DVM
Veterinarian - Charlotte

Charlotte native Dr. Beitel has been caring for animals ever since she got her first pet – a Guinea pig named Mabel. The Charlotte native and North Carolina State University graduate is mom to Nico, a tuxedo cat she adopted from Stand For Animals in 2013.

  • Best thing about having a pet: "Being chosen as their favorite human every day for a lifetime."
  • The most admirable thing about my pet: "His sweet cross-eyes and his trust in me."
  • A good day at the office is when: "I have tons of cat appointments!"
  • Favorite part of being a vet: "Meeting new dogs and cats every day and admiring the differences in their personalities. I also love seeing patients who have come in sick come back in healthy and feeling better after treatment."
  • My pet loves it when I: "Spend the whole day laying around, watching TV, and cuddling with him on the couch … and also when I accidentally leave the cabinet open and he can pull out his treat bags and chew them up.
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