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Heather Linen, DVM
Heather Linen, DVM
Medical Director - Lake Norman

Dr. Heather Linen earned her doctoral degree from Cornell University and has over 15 years' experience in both private and nonprofit practices in Florida, Virginia and Mooresville, North Carolina. Her areas of specialty include preventative medicine, dentistry and endocrinology.

Linen enjoys playing piano, reading, spending time with her husband outdoors and – in the pre-COVID days – cheering on her son's Little League team

  • First pet: "I was born into a house of three cats – Taffy, Monkey and Notail. They were truly my sisters."
  • Current pet: "One sweet, goofy rescue dog named Kodi."
  • I knew I wanted to be a vet when: "I think I always knew I would be a veterinarian. I was an animal advocate from a very young age – a voice for the voiceless."
  • Largest animal ever treated: A 10,000-pound *type of animal*.
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