33 Down...367 To Go

33 Down...367 To Go

Day 2 - Eighteen cats in the building this morning (fifteen girls and three boys).  No mistaken gender identities today.

Patient check-in went great this morning. You could imagine that checking in twenty-three animals might be challenging but we have it down to a fine science. It generally takes less than 20 minutes to get everyone squared away - instructions issued, surgical releases signed, balances paid, cat carriers labeled, reassurances given that everything will be ok. Our lobby is fairly small and I imagine if you looked in the door from outside it looks like a three ring circus but everyone is out the door before 8:00.

Yesterday the “girls” (assistants Jenn and Ashley and our Medical Director, Dr. Elizabeth Welch) rocked it out!  Eighteen cats and seven dogs.  Truthfully, we weren’t exactly sure how it was going to go with that many cats under one roof.  Interesting fact - put a bunch of cats in a room together and if one of them gets pissy it tends to rub off on the whole crowd.   Pissy cats aside they were finished by 1:00 - a new record for SNC.

The photo is of Dr. Welch having lunch on the “beach” yesterday after surgery.  The “beach” is where all of our animals recover post-op.  It’s a heated pad where they rest until they wake up from the sedation and pain medicine.  Dr. Welch is keeping watch over two of the kittys (both wrapped up in blankies to keep warm).

Tomorrow - seventeen cat spays….