74 Carmalts

  • Published by Zoe Kronovet
  • Clinic Stories

Puzzled? Join the crowd. At least you have an excuse. I’m supposed to be an expert on all matters spay neuter. Carmalts? Had no clue. So why should such a small word be such a big deal? In a word (or six) carmalts quintessentially represent the reality of opening a spay neuter clinic. No question I could give an impassioned, probably award winning speech on why the mission of Spay Neuter Charlotte is important to our community but did I know how many carmalts it would take to accomplish that mission – um, radio silence.

Talk about a learning curve and at age 52 I can reliably report that you just don’t retain things like you used to. But just test me now; I can sling the medical lingo with the best of them. Lactating ringer? No problem. Crypt orchid? Old news. Inguinial hernia – happens at least twice a week. Gradew? Made that one up (just checking to see if you are paying attention).

Now that we have been open for three months I can also reliably report that carmalts are the mere tip of the “whatcha gotta have” iceberg. Thank heavens for Dr. Heidi Hutmaker, my Medical Director and savior. It was she who guided me through the world of carmalts, metezenbaum scissors, two aught suture, reptile warmers (that’s a great story) and wzywash (good luck with that one).  (And, thanks to an $80,000 grant from PetSmart Charities we were able to pay for it all.)

Our highly trained medical staff uses all this equipment to fix the pets that come through our doors every day.  Our goal – represent the best quality care and we have the carmalts to prove it.