We Think Worth Knowing

Coming Soon - Spay Neuter Charlotte Lake Norman!

Founder and Executive Director, Cary Bernstein, talks about the opening of the new Spay Neuter Charlotte site in Lake Norman. She highlights Dr. Molly Foley who will be running the clinic, and Dr. Cat Moore who will serve as anchor veterinarian for the new location.

Big Doings at Spay Neuter Charlotte

Exciting things happening at Spay Neuter Charlotte! Executive Director and Founder, Cary Bernstein, discusses the amazing fundraising and milestones that occurred in October and provides details on the new Lake Norman clinic location.

Can I Get A Ride? Why Rescue Transport Matters

Patient & Rescue Services Manager, Nora, discusses the importance of rescue groups and rescue transport. She also explains how you can volunteer and donate to these groups, or even become a foster parent to these rescued animals.

A Reflection on Four Years

Former Business Manager, Billie, expresses the emotional goodbye of leaving the Spay Neuter Charlotte family to embark on a new career opportunity and reflects on the last 4 years of working with them.

Pitbulls and Birthdays

In celebration of Spay Neuter Charlotte's 5th birthday, Executive Director Cary Bernstein discusses the milestones the clinic has achieved since opening. She also describes the clinic staff's love of pitbulls and the variety of families they come from.

Just Call Me Auntie

Clinic Operations Manager, Hillary, talks about how she feels like an Auntie to all of the animals that come in to Spay Neuter Charlotte.

What We Did Today

Executive Director, Cary Bernstein, reflects on how many surgeries were performed in a single day at Spay Neuter Charlotte thanks to the amazing team work and dedication of staff members.

Major Milestone

Celebrating a major milestone for Spay Neuter Charlotte. 40,000 cats and dogs fixed, 700,000 accidental litters prevented, and that's only the beginning.

We Do More Than Spay

Clinic Operations Manager, Hillary Fleming, discusses how interactions with clients makes her job all the more fulfilling.

My Last Week at SNC

Public Relations Intern, Alex, announces the winners of the Spay Neuter Charlotte photo contest, reflects on our 10,000th sterilization milestone, and says goodbye as he completes his internship.

A Pitulls Reputation

How pitbulls came to have a bad rep, why they're actually wonderful dogs to have, and some famous pits worth noting for their part in history.

A Kitty Carpool

A story of a kitty carpool to Spay Neuter Charlotte and a sneak peak at a transport operation that's to come. Also, even the grumpiest of cats can be a snuggle bug.


Another list of the best cat names that have graced Spay Neuter Charlotte.

Baby 2 and Baby 3

Executive Director, Cary Bernstein, details the pleasure of seeing the love between a pet owner and his cats.

74 Carmalts

When medical lingo keeps you on your toes. There's a learning curve around every corner!

The Dean Kittens

How the Dean Kittens stole the hearts of the Spay Neuter Charlotte staff and were blessed with a mom who saw that they were worth saving.