Sorry For The Silence

  • Published by Zoe Kronovet
  • Clinic Stories

My bad that I haven’t posted in so long.  I promise to make up for it this month with a daily post about the impending cat spay mania.

Our goal - 400 cats spays in 29 days.

Thanks to the generousity of PetSmart Charities we were able to offer $20 cat spays for the month of February.  Over the last (basically) 3 weeks Jacqui and I have booked over 400 appointments  The grant covered the first 265 slots (which filled in about 6 seconds) and then, because there was such a huge demand we offered a $15 discount to everyone else.

Our clinic and the Humane Society collaborated to get the money from PetSmart and together we will fix over 1000 (yes, I said 1000) female cats this month.  I think we will set a national record.  Yet another feather in the Queen City’s cap.  Go us.

Today was Day 1 - 18 cats checked in this morning.  14 girls and 4 boys (one with a mistaken identity -  boy parts instead of girl).  Also had seven dogs.  Twenty-five total animals - a record setting day here at Spay Neuter Charlotte!  I will let you know how it all goes tomorrow.

Just for giggles - here’s a list of the top ten cat names for 2011.

#10  Dirty Martini

#9    Nightmare

#8    Nitty Nat

#7    King Leonidus

#6    Mr Yelps

#5    Kevin Bacon

#4    Sir Giggler

#3    Blemchik

#2    Precious Pebbles

#1    Bubble Trousers