The Dean Kittens

On Tuesday, four fluffy kittens arrived at the clinic to be fixed. Two boys and two girls. Two black and white, two tortoise. The Dean Kittens. They were in the building less than an hour before they had already endeared themselves to us. All of them extremely vocal – I could hear them from my office demanding that we “let them out” just so they could curl in a ball under our chins and purr. You could tell someone had spent a lot of time taking care of them and loving them.

When their “mom” arrived Wednesday morning to pick them up I gave her the post-op instructions and helped her out to the car with the four cat carriers meticulously labeled with each kitten’s name and description. She told me that she drove all the way from Wingate (an hour and a half each way in traffic) to bring the kittens to us because we were willing to help to get them fixed and vaccinated. She said that the momma cat dropped her babies on her door step when they were just a few weeks old and then proceeded to get killed on the street in front of her farm.

She said she bottle fed those little kittens for weeks to keep them alive even with her neighbors harassing her asking “why she was wasting her time and money on those nasty balls of furr.” Her reply, “God put us on the earth to take care of his creatures.” It made me cry. I may not be the most religious person but God bless Mrs. Dean and thank God I was blessed to meet her and her fabulous kittens.