The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

  • Published by Zoe Kronovet
  • Clinic Stories

Every day we here at SNC experience the karma of the universe at work.  We see the good, the bad and the ugly of humankind. Generally, there is balance, with good deeds mitigating the bad. Some days it feels like the bad energy is swamping us, other days we are inspired that the caring are in far greater number than those who think animals are nothing but disposable goods. Today was a mixed bag.

The Good
We have the great fortune of knowing Kevin Loop. Tomorrow Kevin will bring in “Porch Kitty” number twelve.  Yup, twelve (in three months no less). There is an entire family of cats living (happily) under his porch and one by one is having them fixed. Almost weekly (sometimes twice a week) Kevin drives up to our doorstep and unloads one or two traps. He’s never asked for a discount but we give it to him anyway. Kevin Loop is the kind of person who reaffirms our belief that the world is full of amazing caring people who want to do the right thing.  If there is good it is in the name of Kevin Loop.

The Bad
Had a call today from one of our favorite clients who was desperate to find a home for a twelve year old St. Bernard. The owner, who had the poor dog since it was six months old, is moving and decided to surrender the dog to Animal Care and Control. Our client begged the owner not to call ACC, only asking for an hour to try to find someone to take the dog. But the owner couldn’t be bothered and called ACC anyway. Come on. Bad, very, very bad.
(Our fabulous client went to Animal Control and asked that they give her time to find a home, haven’t had an update.)

The Ugly
(Warning: uncensored)


This is Duffy. We met her today when her new mom brought her to us to get spayed. Duffy was rescued by a fabulous group in town called Dogs Daze of Charlotte from a high-kill shelter in the area. The paperwork said that she was on “euthanize hold”, meaning she was on her way to be killed. Her paperwork also said she was killing and eating the kittens in the neighborhood where she was surrendered.  Really?  Does that face look like a vicious kitten eater?  Highly doubtful.

Duffy puts a face on a really ugly reality in our community: 40 or more dogs just like Duffy die EVERY DAY here because they don’t have a home.  Duffy is exactly as she seems in the picture – incredibly sweet and lovable.  She is so deserving of a home. It’s just ugly that it isn’t a community priority to stop this senseless killing.

This is one of the main reasons that our clinic exists – we are going to speak the ugly truth about what is happening in our community and eventually, with your help, PUT AN END TO IT!!