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Veterinary Assistant Apprentice Program

How It Started

Started in 2020, Stand For Animals' Veterinary Assistant Apprentice Program (VAAP) was founded to provide an opportunity for vocational training for anyone interested in pursuing a career in veterinary care.

Hands On Training

Applicants are interviewed to be selected for the program. VAAP has two parts. The first two weeks are classroom instruction, followed by four weeks of in-service training.

The participants that are accepted to the program receive a stipend during the six weeks of training. Following completion of the program, participants who are a good fit will be hired by Stand For Animals for a competitive hourly wage.

Training Dedicated Professionals

With the appropriate training, working in the veterinary industry can be a life long career. Three classes of students have graduated the program as of 2022.

VAAP gives us the opportunity to train assistants the specific way Stand For Animals practices medicine and care while offering a vocational training program to the community.

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