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113 Female Cats

113 female cats down, many more to go! Our team of rockstars make it all possible.

Day Seven - We’ve spayed one hundred and thirteen female cats so far, prevented hundreds of litters already. Five of these cats had pyometra, a fatal infection of the uterus which will ultimately cause death if the cat isn’t spayed. Pyometra can be hard for an owner to detect so we literally saved these kitties lives.

This may sound glib but drop by the clinic on any given morning at about 10:00 and you will be able to fully appreciate what is required to fix upwards of twenty animals a day. Our team is exemplary and I don’t just say that because I hired them all:)

When we opened last August we were quite proud to finish twelve surgeries by 4:00 p.m., we are now accomplishing twenty-two surgeries in less than four and half hours. Incredible progress. We stand behind the quality of our services (all you have to do is look at our client’s postings on our Facebook page) so don’t assume that we are cutting corners or not providing the tender loving care that these cats and dogs deserve. We do it all.

I am incredibly proud of our entire team. Surgeries wouldn’t be possible without the amazing organizational skills and dedication of our Director of Clinic Operations, Jacqui Wheeler. And our new Medical Director, Dr. Elizabeth Welch’s professional leadership and enthusiasm is responsible for the incredible success of the entire medical staff. These women (including our veterinary assistant’s Jenn Tapp, Ashley Mason, Jennifer Stanziale and Hillary Flemming) are the reason we will succeed in making homeless animals a thing of the past in our community.

And, I just have to give a quick shout out to my son, Eli Kronovet who has been coming in afternoons after-school to clean dog kennels (you don’t even want to ask him about the dog poop situation), shuck needles and do whatever else we require. Eli, you are the best (and, because he says it constantly about himself) a real “giver.”

-Cary Bernstein, Executive Director

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