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Baby 2 and Baby 3

Executive Director, Cary Bernstein, details the pleasure of seeing the love between a pet owner and his cats.

Relased nine cats this morning at 8:30 (actually I did the discharge spiel, Stanzi did the hard work of loading the cats into their carriers). Quite a vocal crowd (the cats not the owners). Anxious to go home.

Had the great pleasure of meeting a lovely guy from Lincolnton. Adopted father for Baby 2 and Baby 3, a pair of petite five-month old brown tabbies. A brother and sister who were sweet as can be. We released them into seperate carriers but noticed that they were calling to one another so we put them together and they were much happier.

These cats were born outside. The adopted dad found them and cut a hole in his backyard shed so they could come in and out. He told me that he goes back to the shed to feed them every morning and they appear along with another cat. He feeds and keeps a watchful eye over all of them. They looked great. Shiny coats and eyes. You can tell he loves them.

Great way to start my day.

- Cary Bernstein, Executive Director

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