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Can I Get A Ride? Why Rescue Transport Matters

Patient & Rescue Services Manager, Nora, discusses the importance of rescue groups and rescue transport. She also explains how you can volunteer and donate to these groups.

At SNC, about 25% of our surgery patients are rescue animals. These are dogs and cats that, in their few years (or weeks) on earth, have been through so much in life. Ranging from 8 weeks to 15+ years old, some of these dogs or cats were born strays, some were surrendered by their owners, and many have been saved from horrible situations that we think only happen on TV. The general public knows about rescue groups and the slogan "adopt, don't shop!" time and time again or the hashtag #adoptdontshop. But what you may not know is the important role of rescue transport.

At Spay Neuter Charlotte, we work closely with several rescue groups, one such group is Project Safe Pet, who frequently transport dogs and cats from southern to northern states. Due to lack of (and poorly regulated) spay neuter laws in the southern states, our shelters quickly become overpopulated with dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. So often a female dog or cat will get pregnant and owners don't want the financial or emotional burden of a litter so the pregnant dog or cat will get surrendered to a shelter, where she then has babies. These noble rescue groups will save the moms, the babies, those with special needs, the sick, the old, the scared and the "unadoptable." They will vet these animals, spay neuter them and once the dogs and cats are healthy and healed, they will be taken to places like New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, and more. Many of these rescued animals have potential adopters before they even reach their northern destination. States in the northeast have stricter animal laws and thus don't have the abundance of homeless pets and overcrowding that we, unfortunately, experience in North Carolina.

Rescue groups always need help from volunteers. They need donations of dog and puppy food as well as monetary donations to go toward vet bills, crates, interactive toys, treats, fosters, transporters, and advocates. If you have any interest in donating time, goods, or helping foster a dog or cat between shelter life and their forever home, email and we can help get you in contact with some amazing people who work hard to save lives every day!

-Nora, Patient & Rescue Services Manager

Here are some dogs we've fixed from one of the various rescue groups that send the animals up north once they are vetted and healthy!

Staff with pets
Customer with pets
Black and white pups
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