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Cats Do The Darndest Things

The silly, unconventional, and bold things cats do. Gotta love them!


It’s a little sad how much I can relate to the funny cartoon I posted above. I use to think only dogs begged for table scraps, and then I lived with a cat. Every time I go for any meal in my apartment my roommate’s cat is staring at me with wild eyes praying that I let him get a little taste. It’s different than a dog begging, because a cat can lay right on top of the table you’re eating at and stare, a little bit of an advantage.

It’s funny how much a cat can act like a dog at times. Just this morning I caught my roomie’s cat drinking out of my toilet, head and front two paws in first.

Last week we had the most creative cat carrier we have yet to see come into our clinic – a Bojangles’ box! It worked well because the cardboard cat carriers that are sometimes used are made from just about the same thing a Bojangles’ box holding your fried chicken is made from. Monchas, our cat patient, did not seem to mind one bit that her carrier smelled of chicken (probably made her want to be in it even more).

-Alex, PR Intern

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