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Just Call Me Auntie

Clinic Operations Manager, Hillary, talks about how she feels like an Auntie to all of the animals that come in to Spay Neuter Charlotte.

Thanks to a PetsMart Charities grant that enables us to fix puppies and kittens for just $20, every June has been total puppy & kitten mayhem. Everywhere I look there’s a puppy. Sitting at my desk I hear the chorus of puppy barks coming from the kennels down the hall. I spend my breaks checking on the youngsters and helping them settle down. Would you believe that even being under anesthesia doesn’t keep them mellow? All puppies want is love, attention and reassurance. Even though the vet can be a stressful situation for animals when I walk into the room where all of our feline patients relax as they wait their turns for surgery I see their little paws reaching out just wanting to play.

All the puppies and kittens this month has made me reflect on how fortunate I am to get to take care of your little ones while they come in for their vet care. More than a clinic staff person, I consider myself an Auntie - I can love and spoil all the animals that walk through our door. I can say that everyday I help kittens and puppies, cats and dogs. Everyday I help animals that need the services Spay Neuter Charlotte provides. So whether it’s behind a phone and desk or actually with your animals, I am that favorite Auntie who is always here waiting for the next visit…the next opportunity to show even more love to your babies!

-Hillary, Clinic Operations Manager

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