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We Do More Than Spay

Clinic Operations Manager, Hillary Fleming, discusses how interactions with clients makes her job all the more fulfilling.

Sitting in the front office of a spay neuter vet clinic may, to some, seem normal and borings. Others may find it exciting because of the constant chance to play with other’s puppies and kittens without the responsibility of cleaning up after them. For me, it’s a chance to meet new people (some of which are great characters!) and hear the love they have for the animals and pets that are in their care.

Take for example, the numerous veterans that come into our Pet Food Pantry so that they can not only take care of their own animals but other animals who have crossed their paths that need love as well. They don’t have much in the way of monetary resources but they have some of the biggest hearts that I have been fortunate to witness. They carry with them pictures on their phones of the animals they care for and are more than willing to show anyone that will give them just 5 minutes. When we bring food and supplies from the back of the clinic for them to take home their faces light up like we have given them the best gift that they could have ever asked for. Being able to have that moment when they give you a hug as thanks because that is how they are able to show their heartfelt appreciation.

So when I am out with friends- old and new- and we are discussing work or someone asks me what I do, I do not say I am merely the Operations Manager for Spay Neuter Charlotte. I say that I help. I help individuals, families, and anyone or anything needing help in any way that I can. Whether it be with food, veterinary care or just a smile, hug and some advice- I help animals and families lead lives together.

  • Hillary Fleming, Clinic Operations Manager
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