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What I Saved at Wellness Wednesday

One of our clients details their experience (and savings!) on Wellness Wednesday at Spay Neuter Charlotte.

I had just brought my cat to our neighborhood vet for his shots and well check when I met Cary last year. I promised her I would head over to Spay Neuter Charlotte when Reagan was ready for his vaccinations this year. Boy, am I glad I did!

Clinic Photo

First, I filled out the online appointment request. Within 24 hours, I got a call from Nicole who scheduled our appointment for two weeks from then. It was very easy and accommodating.

On Wellness Wednesday, I scooped up Reagan in his kennel and off we drove towards No Da. We were efficiently checked in by Nicole (nice to see her in person!) and were asked to wait in the waiting room. In the mean time, we chatted with other dog and cat owners from the area. The waiting room was comfortable and clean. Reagan’s name was on one of the chalkboard doors along with the other clients that day! We were summoned to the ‘cat room’ within about 10 minutes.

While in the exam room, our technician brought Reagan back for a nail trim and his Feline Distemper shot. When she returned a few minutes later, our vet, Dr. Ackerman, introduced herself and began Reagan’s exam. She was friendly, thorough and knowledgeable. After he received his other shots, we asked a few questions and were ready to go. Total time in clinic – 26 minutes. Not bad! However, the best part was to come.

Check up

I proceeded to the waiting room, and Billie checked me out. With the exam, vaccinations and nail trim, our total office visit was $75. WOW! I was in shock. As you can see, our visit last year was $277 - for the same exact services, time spent, questions asked, board certified veterinarian conversation, 3 year rabies vaccination…shall I go on?


Thank you, Cary, and Spay Neuter Charlotte for opening my eyes to the benefits of a low cost clinic that provides just the services I needed for a 2 year old, healthy, indoor cat. In an emergency situation I know I would still need to visit a nearby vet, but for annual well checks and vaccinations, we will be back every year!

-Guest Blogger

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