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Annual Office Visit

Just like humans, dogs and cats need an annual checkup every year. During an annual visit, the veterinarian will check out your pet with a nose-to-tail physical exam and as the pet’s guardian, you can discuss any concerns you may have.

During the visit, your pet’s weight and temperature will be taken. During the nose-to-tail visual inspection, the veterinarian will look for clean skin, clear eyes, healthy ears, and a shiny coat. The doctor will use a stethoscope to listen to your pet’s heart and lungs. Your pet’s mouth will also be evaluated to make sure there are no loose or infected teeth or infected gums.

If anything abnormal or concerning is discovered, further testing may be necessary.

During your annual visit, any vaccinations or testing your pet needs can also be completed.

Annual visits keep your pet healthy. By coming to the vet every year, your pet can be monitored and any changes can be noticed and problems identified and treated.

It costs much less for an annual visit each year than to treat a serious illness that may arise if it is not caught early.

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