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Elective Procedures

A consult office visit consult is required prior to scheduling this procedure.

Elective procedures correct injuries or impairments that impede your pet’s health and/or mobility. Here's a listing of the elective procedures that we offer.

Cherry Eye
A condition where the third eyelid is prominent and looks like a cherry in the corner of the eye nearest the nose.

A condition where the eyelids roll in and hair touches the cornea of the eye.

A procedure to remove the eyeball.

A procedure to remove bladder stones.

A procedure performed if your pet has extra tissue around the vulva causing them to have recurrent UTIs (urinary tract infection).

A procedure where the stomach is tacked to the body wall in deep-chested, large breed dogs to prevent bloating that results in a twisted stomach.

Procedure to safely remove tails, toes, or legs (depending on the size of the pet).

Mass Removals
Procedure to remove lumps or bumps from various parts of the body when needed.

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