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A Reflection on Four Years

Former Business Manager, Billie, expresses the emotional goodbye of leaving the SNC family to embark on a new career opportunity and reflects on the last 4 years of working with them.

For the past four years Spay Neuter Charlotte has been my home away from home. I have come into work everyday to see the people who I have laughed with, cried with and celebrated with for years. I have had the pleasure to share stories with clients about their pets, their children and more. I've watched animals who were originally scared to come near me, happily meow or wag their tail when they saw me. Spay Neuter Charlotte is the place where my son came into work with me only weeks after he was born to meet all the people I called my family.

I have so many emotions when I talk about Spay Neuter Charlotte but one of the things I am most proud of is being able to say I was in the trenches when SNC started. Spay Neuter Charlotte started in late 2011 and I joined less than a year later. Since 2012 I have watched the organization grow from less than ten employees to more than 25. We celebrated completing 20,000 surgeries, then 30,000 and now over 42,000 surgeries. We started providing wellness care on Wellness Wednesdays at the NoDa Clinic and then due to high demand we added even more days to help more people. I helped grow, sometimes painfully, the level of technological involvement into business area that traditionally hasn't had any.

It is hard for to articulate all that I have been part of during my time at Spay Neuter Charlotte the last four years. As I move on to another job and leave SNC on a daily basis, I am embracing the cliche "it's not a goodbye - it's see you later." If you come to a SNC fundraiser or event you will see my smiling face there alongside all the other incredible people who work at Spay Neuter Charlotte. So here's a big hug, smile and a see y'all really soon!

-Billie, former Business Manager

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