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Beloved Branches

Beloved Branches

Understanding What Pets Mean To People: Beloved Branches

We’ve turned the oak tree on the front lawn of our Charlotte clinic into a lovely living tribute to some of the beloved pets we’ve known and cared for.

You can help us provide free and reduced-cost spay neuter and veterinary services via our Medical Assistance Fund by purchasing a $20 glass wind chime as tribute to your (or a loved one’s) pet. Every chime sold supports a pet whose owner needs a small subsidy to provide the care their pet needs.

Each chime purchased is etched with the name of a pet and hung from a branch of the Beloved Branches tree. More than 100 chimes currently hang from that majestic tree, and they make for a beautiful sight. When the wind blows, the chimes make music – an aural reminder of all the dogs (and cats) we’ve loved.

Beloved Branches celebrates the undying bond we have with our furry family members. People purchase chimes in memory of a beloved pet that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge or in honor of their own or a friend’s pet.

It Is Time For a Chime

To honor or memorialize your pet – or a friend's pet – tap/click here. Each chime will be etched with the name of the pet and lovingly hung from the tree at our Charlotte clinic.

Pay Tribute To Your Pet, or a Friend's Pet

Pay Tribute To Your Pet, or a Friend's Pet

Celebrate the everlasting bond we have with our furry family members. Purchase an etched chime with a pet's name that's hung on our Charlotte clinic's front lawn tree.

Get Your Beloved Branch
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