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Services & Products

Services & Products

Below are the services and products available for your pet.

Spay Neuter
Spaying and neutering (fixing your pet) are surgical procedures used to prevent pets from reproducing.

Tech Visits
An tech visit is similar to a vaccine clinic appropriate for updating vaccines, testing, nail trims, and anal sac expressions.

Annual/Consult Office Visits
Annual/consult office visits involve routine care that includes an annual exam and consults for dental work or other surgical procedures.

Sick Office Visits
While we don't offer emergency (life-threatening) services or hospitalization, sick office visits are appropriate for pets experiencing digestive, respiratory, or skin/eye/ear issues.

Other Services
Additional non-surgical services that you'll find beneficial for your pet.

We sell flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative.

Online Pharmacy
A convenient and efficient way to get medications and food for your pet.

Whether specific procedures or bundled care packages, Stand For Animals provides transparent, upfront pricing.

Help Me Choose An Appointment
Use our appointment wizard to help you choose the right services and request an appointment.

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Request An Appointment

Conveniently request an appointment using our online scheduler.

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