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Elizabeth Welch, DVM
Elizabeth Welch, DVM
Chief Medical Director

Dr. Elizabeth Welch earned her bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) at Auburn University in 2007. During veterinary school, Elizabeth took a keen interest in emergency and critical care medicine, surgery, and shelter medicine.

Elizabeth was a diver on the Auburn Women’s swimming and diving team and earned a spot on Auburn’s first Women’s NCAA National Championship swimming and diving team. After graduation, she moved to the Charlotte area and began practicing general veterinary medicine and surgery. She was instrumental in developing and managing a local animal shelter.

Elizabeth and her husband, J, are the proud parents of Aidan, Connor, and Anna Cait (humans) and four-legged family members Eleanor, Riggs (dogs) and a cat named Mango – all rescues.

  • Best thing about having a pet: "Their loyalty. They are always there – no matter what – to comfort you and unconditionally love you."
  • The most admirable thing about my pet: "They always want to be around us. They are all rescues, and we do not know their past, but they don’t care. They just want to be a part of the family."
  • A good day at the office is when: "I have improved the life of an owner by helping their pet. I also enjoy teaching my staff new procedures and helping them gain confidence in their positions."
  • Favorite part of being a vet: "The stories! Everyone has a unique story about their most beloved companion."
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