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About So You Think You Can Bark

Of course, Stand For Animals' signature fundraising event is one that involves humans and their canines. The pet-testants are teamed with force-free dog trainers (they use only positive reinforcement – like praise and treats!) to learn a few cool tricks they and their owner will perform live and on stage. Canine feats have ranged from amazing feats of agility to “singing” on stage in a microphone. "Pawparazzi" to a cosmic yoga journey. A panel of local celebrities judges the most impressive paw-formance.

Ticket sales support Stand For Animals’ Medical Fund, which underwrites the cost of medical care and procedures for those who can’t afford our clinic’s services. "Every penny we raise goes to subsidize care for pet parents who are unable to afford medical care or spay neuter services for their dog or cat," said Stand For Animals Executive Director Cary Bernstein.

Become A So You Think You Can Bark Pet-testant!

Have a secret desire to show off what a great bond you have with your dog and how much they can learn?

Want to support a great cause and have a great time?

You are the perfect pet-testant for the 2023 So You Think You Can Bark!

It's back! So You Think You Can Bark (SYTYCB) will be presented on March 3, 2023 (live!) at Halton Theater on the campus of CPCC. SYTYCB is a fun filled evening of dog entertainment that supports the Medical Assistance Fund at Stand for Animals. Each pet-testant will perform an act on stage to be judged by a panel of experts and the audience. Prizes will be awarded for all the top vote getters.

The theme for this year’s performance is OUTER SPACE!

How to Become a 2023 Pet-testant

Here's what you need to know if you (and your dog) want to be a SYTYCB pet-testant:

  1. Create a 60-90 second audition video that demonstrates that you and your dog are capable of learning and presenting an entertaining act live on stage. Upload your audition video and complete the form.
  2. Commit to attend mandatory training, videography sessions, and the live performance on March 3, 2023.
  3. Promise to use only non-aversive (force free) training methods.
  4. Sell a minimum of 25 tickets to the event. All proceeds support the Medical Assistance Fund at Stand for Animals.
  5. Promote the event and your pet-testant on your social media.

All pet-testants finalists will be selected and notified via email. Training will begin in January.

Submit Your Audition Video

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