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It's Been A While...

PR Intern, Alex, describes what it is like to work for Spay Neuter Charlotte.

Goodie bag

Hi Everyone! I know it has been a while since anyone has updated this blog, but there has definitely been some progress made at Spay and Neuter Charlotte. My name is Alex and I am the new PR intern here so I’ll be making sure to keep these posts updated and exciting.

I chose to intern at Spay and Neuter Charlotte for several reasons. The most important was that I truly believe in the cause to make Charlotte a no kill community. Two years ago I found a 6 week old kitten in the middle of a back road surrounded by nothing but fields. She was soaked from the rain and both her eyes were swollen shut. I immediately scooped her up and took her home to get the medical attention she deserved. My boyfriend at the time was stunned I was even touching such a “dirty thing” (I should have known then that we wouldn’t work out). Roxy is now fully recovered and completely rules my house. It hurts my heart that unwanted pets get dumped on the side of the road and won’t have the luck my Roxy did and will end up being euthanized. The picture above is Roxy a week after I found her.

My first couple days at Spay and Neuter Charlotte have been wonderful. I have already heard a few heart filling stories on how people have came to adopt their pets. Susan Hunter was anxiously waiting in the waiting room when she told me about her dogs Lexi and Shelby. She found her two border collie/chow mixes two months a part roaming her neighborhood. She quickly took them into her home to join her 12 rescue cats that she also own. All have been spayed and neutered. The oldest of her cats is 17 years. I am sure all those cats keep Lexi and Shelby in check at all times.

Monday Project Safe Pet from York County, brought another transport of dogs and cats from the Catawba Indian Reservation to the clinic to be fixed. Including the animals from this transport Spay and Neuter Charlotte will have “fixed” 304 cats and dogs from York County in 10 months. What an amazing accomplishment! They each spent the night at the clinic after their surgeries and for a lot of these dogs and cats it is most likely their first time sleeping indoors.

8th graders from Providence Day School volunteered their time over the weekend creating a mural for a wall at the clinic. So far it is only sketched out but it looks fantastic with images of both a dog and a cat surrounded by different geometric shapes. Not only did these young volunteers do that, but they also left goodie bags for the dogs of the Catawba transport - better not tell the cats! Inside these goodie bags there was a can of dog food and an abundance of dog treats. These pups will be sure to go back to Catawba Reservation happy.

I feel fortunate about being able to be a part of a team that is striving to do something about the well-being of our animals not only in Charlotte but other areas as well. I can’t wait to learn from this experience and to see more happy faces!

-Alex, PR Intern

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