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My Last Week at SNC

Public Relations Intern, Alex, announces the winners of the Spay Neuter Charlotte photo contest, reflects on our 10,000th sterilization milestone, and says goodbye as he completes his internship.

Last week Spay Neuter Charlotte did our first photo contest! It was so fun to see all of the cute pets in our Charlotte area. It was hard to pick a winner because everyone's photo was just so cute! We decided to choose two winners –siblings! Brandon and Margaret Weddington. Together they helped raise $575, and our whole contest all together raised $1,545!! Thank you to everyone for your awesome support and for helping to grow awareness of the importance of spay and neuter. Brandon and Margaret will be featured on a Charlotte billboard for an entire month. Watch our Facebook page for the update on when and where the billboard will be posted.

This week Spay Neuter Charlotte is celebrating our 10,000th sterilization surgery! This means that since opening in August 2011, the clinic has prevented roughly 20,000 unwanted litters – possibly 100,000 babies if each were to have a litter of five. Many of those unborn babies would not have found homes and would have ended up being euthanized or left homeless contributing to pet overpopulation in Charlotte. The Duke Energy Building lit up teal and gold on Monday to show their support for our clinic. Our team headed to Mimosas Grill for a toast before going to view the building Monday night in uptown. This is such a big achievement for Spay Neuter Charlotte and we are so proud of all the hard work our team and all of the support we have from our patients and clients!

This is my last week interning at Spay Neuter Charlotte and although I am sad to leave, I am happy with everything I am taking away from this experience. Not only have I learned a lot about the field of study I am in school for, but I have also learned the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. I never realized what a big problem pet overpopulation is. Spay Neuter Charlotte has shown me what a difference a small team can make. They continue to stay positive toward making Charlotte a no-kill society and bettering the wellness of our Charlotte pets. Every single person that works at Spay Neuter believes full-heartedly in this cause and is passionate about taking control of our pet population issue. I will definitely miss seeing the happy fury, and non-fury, faces I am used to seeing every week!

-Alex, PR Intern

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