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What We Did Today

Executive Director, Cary Bernstein, reflects on how many surgeries were performed in a single day at Spay Neuter Charlotte thanks to the amazing team work and dedication of staff members.

As you might have noticed we have had lots to celebrate at Spay Neuter Charlotte this moth. Along with passing 40,000 surgeries we hit another milestone today. At our NoDa Clinic today we did 83 surgeries. In one day. While we are ambitious in doing as many surgeries as is safe in one day and we did not envision fixing over 80 animals today. When we arrived at the clinic we had some unexpected, but welcome, additional appointments. Our policy with feral cats is as long as you show up before 8 am on a day that we do surgery we will admit the cat and perform the surgery – no appointment necessary. Today, in addition to the surgeries we had scheduled, we had ten feral cats arrive at our clinic. We are always happy to see feral kitties in our clinic (although they aren’t always as happy to see us) because we know it makes a big difference in reducing animal overpopulation in our community.

With two doctors, seven vet assistants, five front office staff people and myself working hard as a team we were able to complete all the surgeries before the parents showed up in our lobby to pick up their furbabies. Under the leadership of our Medical Director, Dr. Elizabeth Welch, and staff surgeon Dr. Molly Foley, our team demonstrated their excellence. Although it was a long day that had some unexpected twists (hello 10 extra cats!) everyone was focused on providing the best medical and patient care and took everything in stride. As I looked around the clinic I realized how far we’ve come. Not quite five years ago we were a staff of five and our maximum number of surgeries we could complete in one day is sixteen. We’ve come a long way and it is due to the incredible staff of Spay Neuter Charlotte in NoDa and Pineville. I am lucky to work with such a dedicated, caring and committed staff that make me happy to get up and go to work everyday.

- Cary Bernstein, Executive Director

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