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Why Spay Neuter?

How Elizabeth Welch came to be Medical Director of Spay Neuter Charlotte.

I went to Veterinary School because I had a passion for animals. Very cliché, I know, however I was young and wanted to save the world! I continued to save all the strays, furry or slimy, from my back yard, much to my parents’ dismay. My neighbor growing up was a veterinarian and I was at his house and clinic as much I could be to learn as much as I could. This drove my passion. Throughout high school and college, I placed myself in veterinary clinics where I could learn more about the profession and the animals. By the time I graduated, I was very proficient and ready to tackle the world’s problems with pets. I was in a very high volume private practice with many doctors that served as my mentors. I had the opportunity early on in my career to help open a local animal shelter. Here I was involved in the physical exams and learning the heart wrenching stories of why these animals were surrendered (some good, some very sad). But then there was a happy ending that I had never experienced before. These animals were getting adopted and having a new lease on life with a loving family! Once they were adopted I spayed or neutered them and then discharged them to their new family. What a joyous occasion this was, and still is! Fast forward a few years and here I am, the Medical Director of Spay Neuter Charlotte. I never thought I would ever do spays and neuters and vaccines all day long, but sometimes you don’t find your passion, your passion finds you. It’s not just about the sweet animals and preventing overpopulation, it is about the relationships with people and educating the public. It is about the homeless man down the street that brings his dog in because his dog is his family and he wants to take care of him, just as his dog takes care of him. It is about the animals pulled from high kill shelters that find homes because we were able to trim their nails, shave some mats and clean their teeth so they could find a forever home. It is also about teaching new veterinarians and technicians that there is way more to veterinary medicine than medicine alone. I may not be as young anymore, but I still want to save the world!

-Dr. Elizabeth Welch, Medical Director

Dr. Welch
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